smart one4all by Schley & Michaelis, Germany

2013: Half! Lightweight with Passion.



Antonis Schley, 27, received a Transportation Interior Design degree from FH Reutlingen, Germany. During his schooling, Schley had internships at BMW Motorrad Design and Atelier 522. His Bachelor thesis was at MAN Truck Styling.

Since his graduation in 2009, he has worked as a Freelancer for 3D modeling and is currently working towards a Masters’ Degree in Transportation Interior Design at FH Reutlingen. His current internship is at Mercedes Benz Advanced Design in Sindelfingen.

Sven Michaelis received his Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design and Communication Design at the Academy of Fine Arts, Braunschweig, Germany and will finish up his Master’s degree in Transportation Interior Design at the University of Reutlingen in July 2013. During his schooling, he had a six month internship at Volkswagen Design and is currently interning at the BMW Advanced Design Studio.


In the past, families were arranged by rules and boundaries, today the word “family” is a term for very different forms of living together.

Such forms, especially in Germany, are patchwork families and living communities. The most common place for them to live is in the suburbs. Low costs and the nice combination of city lifestyle and countryside experience are the main reasons.

These families have a lot of common interests. Thereby, such families repeatedly face fossilized structures of the past which do not fit to their versatile living. Reason enough to think about one of them, the way of transportation.

The smart one4all is a lightweight “Familienkutsche” (colloquial, German: family coach) which can accommodate up to six people. Its’ simple design and unique look matches the smart technology, making it the most attractive and practical car for the whole family.

Lightweight is lightweight material. Stereotypes, done! The one4all takes lightweight to another approach. No unnecessary components, no plurality.

While taking a look on the target group in the suburbs you will find the main problem for heavyweight vehicles. It’s the plurality! There are usually two cars, multiple buttons for the same functions, multiple entertainment systems, additional seats for children (on top of the build-in seats).

The one4all combines a six passenger van with a compact four-eater. It is smaller than any other car of the small family car-class. The entertainment system in the car is redesigned to work as a server for any handheld device in your pocket. Using the additional smart-application you can control everything from your device. No additional buttons, no additional Displays.

Modern rapid manufacturing technology gives the possibility to print the whole body, interior and exterior and safety structures in one piece. This is a great benefit to design and weight reduction.