XLeaf by Wei & Luyao, China

2013: Half! Lightweight with Passion.



Guo Wei is a junior student of Wuhan University of Technology majoring in Automobile Service Engineering . Although, he is not a transportation design student, he is really interested in automotive design and has learned it by himself for almost two years. In an Automotive engineering college, there are several students like him who are still struggling for the design dream . And his instructor, Li Zhuo, helped them a lot.

During his two years at the university, he has learned to use some of the design software like Rhinoceros. Photoshop and Alias and he is still improving his sketching skills. He believes he can do better than some professional students through his dedicated hard work.

Zhu Luyao is inspired by those senior students who actively participate in MCD, he has always been looking forward to putting his entry up on this website ever since he started his university career.

Luyao is a senior student at Wuhan University of Technology  majoring in Automobile Engineering. He has learned a lot about what’s INSIDE a car, especially how mechanisms function.

However, he believes that he has a stronger right brain, and even more interested in being a designer, exploring how amazing the transportations are able to be.

As for his Michelin program with Guo, he really appreciated that it’s quite nice to collaborate with a fellow student. They share a lot on design philosophy and have much in common in design skills. They work like one man.

He is currently looking for a good college for MFA programs on transportation design after his graduation. He feels that he has gotten one step further toward his dream.


In China and many other countries around the world, city roads are now short of space, since car ownership is booming up.

Our team was inspired to design a car that releases traffic pressure without reducing driving desire or safety.

PASSION, LOVE, SOCIAL FRIENDLY and in HARMONY with Chinese family lifestyle, that is all we want from our design, X-LEAF.

When X-LEAF comes out with beautiful natural stream curves, gecko-like stick tire, and bio-engine, we believe that we make it!

Since X-LEAF is able to stick onto vertical surfaces, it is parked upon vertical parking lot getting sunshine for energy, and saves precious road space for running transportation. X-LEAF runs with electricity as fuel, while all the electricity is produced by an equipped bio-engine. The bio-engine works with similar biological reaction with photosynthesis, at a million times efficiency a real leaf does.

In the foreseeable future, X-LEAF will take men, women ,families and all people that love it, to run a pure, natural, energetic life!

X-LEAF is mostly inspired by the shape and biological abilities of green leaves, ivy, lotus and gecko. The body shape is formed by biological streamlines and light weight structures, with natural beauty.

As Stanford engineers have recently come up with gecko-like stickbot, we believe that stick-to-wall technology for cars is feasible in the future. So we designed gecko-like tires for X-LEAF to run and stop upon different surfaces, and over-coming extreme transportation conditions.

On the other hand, X-LEAF is purely in harmony with nature from the inside out. A bio-engine containing biomaterial like chloroplast transforms solar energy to electric energy and is equipped to run X-LEAF. The only fuel is water and sunshine. The lightweight body ensures that X-LEAF strides through vertical surfaces and most wild terrain carrying even more loads. And a perfect off-road performance provides more passionate choices than ever before for family trips with X-LEAF!