2014: Showcase of Selected Entrants

For the 2014 Michelin Challenge Design, participants were asked to explore developments in Vehicle Autonomy. If the vehicle will be operated autonomously (commuting, running errands, staying within the urban environment) more than half the time, how can it transform to cater to the users’ needs the rest of the time? Participants were tasked to develop a creative design that transforms the driven vehicle into an extension of the users lifestyle,  while retaining the experience of driving pleasure.

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1st Place Winner:
1. eLink Chris Luchowiec
Entry: BOT
Design Team: Chris Luchowiec
Country: Poland (Resides in Finland)

2nd Place Winner:
2. PolyPlus Chuang Dong, Zhen Qiu, Haowen Deng
Entry: AKA24
Design Team: Chuang Dong, Zhen Qiu, Haowen Deng
Country: China

3rd Place Winner:
3. Dolphin Takbeom Heogh
Entry: GelenK
Design Team: Takbeom Heogh
Country: South Korea

4. SOMA Cristian Polanco
Entry: Dreamon
Design Team: Cristian Polanco
Country: Guatemala

5. Citroen DS BiRotor Sun Zongheng
Entry: Sight for Blind People
Design Team: Sun Zongheng
Country: China

6. Helios Ludovico Campana, Seunghun Jeong
Entry: HERE
Design Team: Ludovico Campana, Seunghun Jeong
Country: Italy

7. Vibe Ramon Ramirez Perez
Entry: NUUP
Design Team: Ramon Ramirez Perez
Country: Mexico

8. Chitin Concept Amadou Ba Ndiaye
Entry: CO-V
Design Team: Amadou Ba Ndiaye
Country: Canada

9. bemoove Marko Lukovic
Entry: Twinway
Design Team: Marko Lukovic
Country: Serbia

10. Air Car Jungu Lee
Entry: Uniblock
Design Team: Jungu Lee
Country: South Korea

11. Exploder II Fernando Machado
Entry: Duality
Design Team: Fernando Machado
Country: Brazil

12. smart one4all Da-eun Lee
Entry: Sharing Pavilion
Design Team: Da-eun Lee
Country: South Korea

13. XLeaf Kyoung-duck Ryu
Entry: Paean
Design Team: Kyoung-duck Ryu
Country: South Korea

14. carDboard Do hyung Kim, San hyun Eom, San sung Moon
Entry: DOMI The Superconductor Car
Design Team: Do hyung Kim, San hyun Eom, San sung Moon
Country: South Korea

15. EV XO Dong-woo Nam
Entry: Incubator
Design Team: Dong-woo Nam
Country: South Korea