AKA24 by Chuang Dong & Team, China

2014: Driven | Undriven.

Zhen Qiu, 23, was born in China and in his third year of college studying Industrial Design at the Jiangnan University, School of Design. He also has a great interest in Car Design. He was awarded “design concept’ in the red dot design award 2012 with his team, He was also awarded iF concept design award in 2013 with his team and was a finalist of the 2012 KIA Car Design Award.

Haowen Deng, 24, was born in China and graduated from Jiangnan University, School of Design. He is a designer at CSVW in Shanghai. He was awarded “design concept’ in the red dot design award winner 2010 with his team.

Dong Chuang, 24, was born in China and graduated from Wuhan University of Technology, School of Automotive Engineering. He has a great interest in car styling. He now works at CSVW as a Digital Sculptor with alias in Shanghai, China.

Time is so valuable to us, so we want to bring drivers happiness by various driving conditions. Future roads will have many different conditions. Therefore, we must learn from the nature and integrate the concept of ocean currents into the optimization of transportation, creating a transportation system, so that the maglev rails will exist on the regional road, and drivers can choose their own driving conditions – Driven & Undriven to the destination.

If the Undriven mode is chosen, then the driving right will be switched to the road rail system. At that time, the driver needs only choose the destination and the vehicle will be automatically driven between areas under the situation of Undriven via the best traffic conditions.

If the Driven is chosen, the right of control will totally belong to the driver. The vehicle will get to the destination via the Driven situation by the driver himself.

It’s designed for a single driver, small and flexible enough to meet daily life needs in China’s big cities. And we create a new transportation system and driving feeling.

The car can simply switch the body posture to switch the driving state — horizontal or upright, Driven & Undriven. Foldable wheel design is a bright Spark, and under the Undriven conditions, the car Using a magnetic drive technology.

When the car is Driven under the normal condition, the car body will be parallel to the ground plane. The driver can drive his car running by the wheel. Otherwise, when in the situation of Undriven, we will deliver the master control of driving to the magnetic rails along the both sides of the road, and the driver need to choose only one destination, and then the body of car will be upright.