BOT by Chris Luchowiec, Poland

2014: Driven | Undriven.

Chris Luchowiec, 24, born in Poland, graduated in 2013 from Lahti Institute of Design in Finland with a degree in industrial design.

He is passionate about searching for simple yet visionary solutions, no matter what problem he is dealing with. He focuses on enhancing everyday objects with positive emotional values and on promoting responsible and sustainable consumption. He aims to give his designs a minimalist feel with recognizable forms.

BOT is a completely autonomous transportation solution for areas with relatively low population (such as Finland). The vision of a vehicle for a new transportation system that would be an alternative for cars (which are preferably used for commuting) and public transport.

BOT addresses the issue of lone car commuters and also deals with the problem of poor user experience of mass transit: repetitive waiting periods, last mile issue and inflexibility.

BOT gives people functionality of a car, without having to own one. It’s a cheap, safe, self-driving cab that allows shared rides (thus reducing the cost per ride and traffic congestion) perfectly suitable for daily rides to work. It’s accessible for everyone – providing door-to-door mobility for children, elderly and people with disabilities. Ride sharing also allows meeting new people, which could strengthen the feeling of belonging to the society.

BOTs has accepted ride-requests which can be easily made with a mobile device. They can pick up users at any location, and just like a taxi, drive them directly to their final destination. One cab can theoretically replace four or even more private cars; it could greatly contribute to the reduction of traffic congestion.

Another important aspect is that with BOTs operating in a city, the need for parking spaces would be tremendously reduced, allowing the creation of more parks and thus giving back the urban space to the people.

Unlike public transport (in Finland buses often drive empty after rush hours), BOTs operate only when needed and where needed.

The BOT project takes under consideration various aspects such as local culture and lifestyle, people’s needs, ecological issues, sustainability, human emotions and provides simple, yet an innovative solution. The design of the vehicle truly reflects values that somehow have been forgotten or twisted by the automotive industry: friendliness, humbleness, honesty, simplicity and optimism. BOT is not egocentric. It creates a deep relationship with the user. A relationship more similar to the one we have with living creatures, not soulless objects.

Technology-wise the vehicle uses multiple innovative solutions. Self-driving ability, capacious air-lithium batteries, artificial intelligence, organically folding seats, light-emitting windows (thanks to transparent display tech), and all-year-round tires. This vehicle creates and defines its own category.