Dreamon by Cristian Polanco, Guatemala

2014: Driven | Undriven.

Cristian Armando Polanco, 27, was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He graduated with a degree in Industrial design at the Universidad Rafael Landivar.

He likes to design almost everything from product design to transportation design. He is always impassioned in every project that he develops. He gets very inspired by old school design style but always thinks about how it is going to be in the near future. Trying to be better every day, he has won some local awards from artistic, illustration, and industrial design competitions. He always challenges himself to be one of the top designers from Guatemala.

The car responds to the necessity of personal mobility in the city of 2050, being undriven without sacrificing the driving experience or the joy to drive. Dreamon is an electric city car for people who want to drive just for fun or have the possibility to do everything else while the car drives itself.

Dreamon is a micro-sport car for the city of tomorrow, a high tech personal environment, easy to build and fun to drive!

Traffic concerns, driving long distances and time spent on the road are priorities that need to be solved in the future. In 2050, all the cars are going to have autonomous options.

Imagine a system that allows you to be everywhere by using the internet.

In the near future, the internet is going to evolve into a giant network without limits. Using hologram technology, people around the world are going to have the opportunity to be in different places while their bodies are in other locations.

This hologram uses the same logic as a virtual reality concept. It’s a system that is going to allow people to interact in many ways possible, like playing their favorite video games, attend to a business meeting or dating. All while they are lying down at home or being transported by their own car.

Dreamon has an autonomous operating system uploaded into the Internet Network allowing you to connect to the holographic system. This system that analyzes weather, traffic and all the surroundings while the pilot isn’t driving the automobile.

The hologram system is integrated in the top of the seat. The car was designed to be like a cocoon, a comfort zone to relax and enjoy the ride while they have a nice time in other locations, also its a sports car that can being driven by the asphalt.

In order to generate an ecological solution the car body is made of Thermoplastic Composite Materials. These new materials are tougher, lighter, and stiffer and have an infinite shelf life. They can be recycled and perform better during collisions. They are suited to a highly demanding environment.

The Michelin Active Wheel has an airless tire made with compressed polymers with an internal reinforcement structure. The tires are covered with rubber to resist to the asphalt and high speeds.