HERE by Ludovico Campana and Seunghun Jeong, Italy

2014: Driven | Undriven.

Ludovico Campana & Seunghun Jeong are students of IED – Torino. They have a lot of interests in the part of Industrial design and Car Design. They are a very creative team. They like to make innovative things.

They are fluent in Italian and English and study various cultures and the cultural process of sociology. They look forward to a lengthy automotive design career.

Ludovico Campana was born in 1992 in Italy. He is currently in his third and final year of a Bachelor’s course in Transportation Design at IED Torino Italy.

Seunghun Jeong was born in South Korea. In 2011, he graduated from the Chonbuk National University Industrial Design and is currently in his third year of Transportation Design at IED Torino Italy.

Two Designers, One Goal
Turning to the detail of our goals – we are eager to become designers connecting the worldwide cultures and Korean and Italian emotions based on our humanistic interest and research. We would like to achieve the position of world class designers.

We are active challenging and believing that the most powerful weapon is man’s ability. Therefore, we have a tendency to not worry too much and to do our very best instead of wasting time. Sometimes our experience fails us but we never relent. We believe we can achieve more opportunities as they become our strengths in the ever changing global environment.

We would like to emphasize the direction of our design goals. We believe there is no border among countries and the most important fact is to connect and communicate with others in terms of human centered design. With this phenomenon, we would play the role of being a bridge between Asian and Western countries that will bring amazing results.

Famous designer Pierre Cardin always decided which way to go with flip of coin whenever he faced a moment of choice. This may sound reckless but the reason why he become a successful designer is that whether it’s heads or tails, he did his very best instead of wasting time in just worrying which choice will be the best. This story gave us a lot of enlightenment and inspiration.
HERE concept is the vision of a new kind of urban vehicle, system and network. The originality of a new solutions and a futuristic concept.

HERE is a new idea of the vehicle’s concept with new parking solutions, new point of views on the urban and commercial solutions with interior design completely reinvented.