NUUP by Ramon Ramirez Perez, Mexico

2014: Driven | Undriven.

Ramon Ramirez, 32, is a Mexican Industrial Engineer and Designer. Ramirez passion is transportation and future life styles. His idea of designing is to create options, focus on making a difference on the world’s environment with new energy solutions, new materials and redesigning.

Ramirez resides in the Caribbean seas of Cancun, a great place to enjoy nature and its surroundings. He enjoys driving around the open spaces and admires the great scenery like the top of mountains.

He challenges his design skills by improving his sketching, painting, Photoshop, 3D modeling and rendering. He has passion with fluid, organic and functional designs.

Ramirez recently started a company called MON DESIGN SOLUTIONS with the purpose to transform ideas into solutions to make for a better future.

Ramirez likes to participate in design contests as a way to improve his skills and to try new ideas. He admires other designers and would like to work with them to share and exchange ideas and experiences, all with the goal of creating greater ideas and solutions.

“nuup” is designed to be your personal assistant. The importance of having transportation serve part of daily needs will be something to consider on transportation. This vehicle may take part and action of your tasks, incorporating interactive interfaces, global communication, sense, motion and monitor controls. Tasks such as taking children to school or having a rest relaxing ride without taking the vehicles steering wheel will be part of the drive experience. Nuup will anticipate your mood, be your butler, and monitor your preferences.

The name “nuup” is a Mayan word that means conexion, meaning you and the environment through your vehicle. As part of the future city lifestyles, this vehicle anticipates your needs, interacts as your personal assistant and drives you wherever you want to go. The ride will be a unique driving experience, by manual or automated control.

The futuristic fusion between a sedan and van makes a unique option for drivers. Its interface and interactive controls make the ride easier and more comfortable. Color personalizing marking out your style. Transporting home means that your home preferences follow you, you can have a ride on the lounge area doing work or taking a rest.

This vehicle will be fully electric-self charged. The Experience begins in your hands. The palm scanner and voice control make this vehicle safe. The interactive interface (both in automated and manual drive), with global communication make driver experience much better, it analyzes the driving environment as GPS controls, announces distances and your preference places. It monitors and senses locations, people, and driving scenarios. Social medias incorporated detect friends and acquaintances. It has a panoramic OLED windshield where you can place your preference and style. The steering wheel can be set on the left or right side (manual mode). And as your personal assistant informs you about weather conditions, serves you with personal preferences (movies, theater, games, schedule and other related features), making a good ride experience.