Paean by Kyoung-duck Ryu, South Korea

2014: Driven | Undriven.

Kyoung-duck Ryu, 26, South Korea, Seoul, has an Industrial Design degree from Dong-A University with four years of experience in the product and automotive industry.

Along the way, he has experience in various fields of design – product, automotive and architecture. His scope of experience includes development and implementation of future transportation design projects, scale models, 3D modeling and sketch work.

Ryu’s work experience includes a recent product internship at IDNCOMM. In addition, he has participated in training workshops and programs at ALMATY International Architectural Design, Ship building Marine design and Nexen Tire pattern design. He has also participated in the product and transportation design clubs at the university.

Ryu has participated in the following design competitions:

  • 2013 Futuristic Car Design Competition
  • 2013 Jeju water bottle design competition
  • Korea Marine Design competition (2012/2011)
  • 2011 Almaty International Architectural design workshop (Gold Medal)
  • 2011 The 31st Busan Industrial Design Exhibition
  • 2011 The 12th Korea Eyewear Design Competition


These days, the number of workaholics is increasing. Therefore, they have no free time so they can’t find out what they want to do or what hobbies they should undertake. This can result in added stress, depression and a decrease in their work efficiency. The ‘Paean’ can be a healing kit that makes workaholics get out of the busy cities and take a rest in nature.

Paean can be changed into three driving models: speed, healing and rest. Speed model is where people can enjoy the speed of the concept. Healing mode – people can receive healing from this car. And rest mode – where people are able to rest and enjoy the raw nature.