Sight for Blind People by Sun Zongheng, China

2014: Driven | Undriven.

SUN Zongheng, 21, is currently in his fourth year studying Automotive Design at Tongji University, Shanghai. He believes himself to be a person with artistic enthusiasm as well as meticulous logic. And he has always been pursuing this combination in his work to introduce eastern philosophy to the design process. Zongheng is willing to take up new opportunities overseas for internships and a Master’s Degree in Automotive Design.

Blind people are blocked out of the driving experience and pleasure for a long time. There are over 50 million people in China who have problems with their eyesight, therefore they can’t drive. But now the automatic driving technology enables blind people to enjoy driving as normal people.

This car is especially designed for blind people, which makes it unique and exciting. The car has a unique stance, a new way of door opening and different driving modes.

This car is a bridge between blind people and the colorful world. An automatic driving system guides the car, so blind people have mobility. Meanwhile, the car creates freedom for people to drive and give feedback through touch, voice, vibration and other senses.

SIGHT aims to give blind people an EYE, and more. Body controlled seat simplifies the switch of driving modes. There are 3 modes in present:

With the cooperation of LIDAR, stereo cameras and lasers, SIGHT assumes full charge. Just tell him the destination and then you can lie down and relax.

Voice assistant will guide the driver to handle the car in low speed (less than 25 km/h). In this way, the car leads blind people to ‘look’ around freely, just like a tour guide. For security, disoperation will be denied and corrected.

On a racing track like one in NASCAR, SIGHT will exploit all the torques and fulfill the dreams of every blind person. More accuracy in operation, less response time, vibration in steering handle as well as air flows on face will satisfy all the other senses to enjoy the excitement of moving. What’s more, drivers can reach down and ride. SIGHT in sport mode is totally a super racing motor. Speeds can reach 120 km/h.

A man, a dog and a car, TOGETHER, going outside, seeing the world, not lonely any more.