Twinway by Marko Lukovic, Serbia

2014: Driven | Undriven.

Marko Lukovic – Marko Design, (MA of industrial design and professor) and his team of specialists and experts have been successfully engaged in various fields of design such as: Industrial & Transportation design, Graphic & Packaging design, 3D modeling & Visualization, Rapid & CNC tooling. Lukovic has over 12 years of experience and work for the top industry.

Award-winning at home and abroad, the most famous Serbian industrial designer of the younger generation, Marko Lukovic (born 1977). Since 2001, he is also a professor at the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. (State University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia).

He was the winner of the International “Peugeot Design Contest 2001″ among 2000 offers from all over the World. Concept car Peugeot Moonster was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2001 as a Prototype.

He was one of the winners of the 2011 Michelin Challenge Design, “Plus 10! The Best is Yet to Come,”- among 1000 offers from all over the World, design for concept car Supersonic was presented at the North American International Auto Show 2011, at the exhibition at Michelin USA stand in Detroit.

In 2002, at the invitation of the Italian government, he was a visiting lecturer at the University of Bologna, and cooperation with Paolo Stanzani (constructor of Lamborghini “Miura”, “Urak,” Countouch “…), the project and modular sports cars, Bologna, Italy.

He has attended or participated in over 80 international and domestic exhibitions, professional conferences, seminars and jury memberships. He has 18 international and domestic awards for design for various products.

Reference clients and projects: Realized Concept car Peugeot Moonster 2020 (France), Fiat Automobiles Serbia-Zastava – interior design, Iveco-Zastava Truck – truck design, Hybrid Flying motorbike MoonRider, X-ray medical device (Visaris) Plasmion medical machine (PlasmaTech Greece / Denmark), MFT electronic meter (Suma Electronics), PlasmaJet installation and PlasmaGun (Mackatica), GPS device (Geneko), kitchen faucet (Armal Slovenia), bottles of Bistra (Gamico), chairs SwingChair, ConForma, Leaf-solar street lamp ((PlasmaTech Greece / Denmark)

Marko Lukovic has been a speaker and lecturer at over 25 international and national design conferences and as a member of professional juries (Barcelona-Spain, Delft-Netherlands, Bologna-Italy, Paris-France, Bucharest-Romania, Sofia-Bulgaria, Ljubljana-Slovenia, Zagreb-Croatia, Belgrade-Serbia).

He has been in over 80 international and domestic exhibitions (Paris-France, Berlin-Germany, Warsaw-Poland, Geneva-Switzerland, Frankfurt-Germany, Monza-Italy, Sofia-Bulgaria, Los Angeles-USA, Belgrade-Serbia).

Publications: over 200 magazine, newspaper and book articles,

  • Book “Serbian Who is Who?”
  • Encyclopedia “Concept car design, driving the dream” London, 2003,
  • Encyclopedia “1000 “Concept cars”, Koln, Germany 2008
  • Textbook for the Arts, 5th grade elementary school, Belgrade, 2008.
  • TV: over 20 hours of TV material, National Serbian TV – RTS, satellite broadcasts, English BBC, Fox TV, German RTL, French TVM6.


Serbia is the largest country in South Eastern Europe (Balkan area) with eight million people and is the largest republic of the former Yugoslavia. Serbia, according to the number of computers and internet connections may already be a member of the European Union, because it left behind not only Romania and Bulgaria, but Greece. Percentage of population using computers is constantly growing. Very young children, secondary school students and university students often have several newest smartphones or tablet computers. Young people in Serbia are already accustomed to the electronic revolution that brings us all the technical and technological progress, and facilitates our daily life.

Until the beginning of 2021, Serbia is expected that the transport of people, goods and articles to be increased tenfold. The main problem is the large number of old and dilapidated transit routes that connect major economic centers (cities).

Belgrade as the capital of Serbia has NOT built metro (subway). The lack of subway cause very large traffic jams on the streets especially in the morning and evening.

TWINWAY with its technical features such as automatic recognition of pedestrians, road signs and traffic lights, recognition of terrain topology and weather conditions, automatic braking and acceleration, help traffic moves much faster.

Automated systems of electronic communication between vehicles are in a contribution to traffic safety. Percentage of vehicle collisions would be reduced to a minimum.

All those facts are very important because TWINWAY, MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) offers the ability for command and control vehicle through smartphone or tablet computer through an innovative E-DRIVE system by manual or autonomous driving mode.

All that philosophy and lifestyle are transferred at unique command panel called “Drive By Touch” and which is made of transparent OLED touch-screen.

TWINWAY is a concept vehicle that combines the already known and new technologies in a new and innovative way and makes a cost-effective, safer and more comfortable driving in urban areas, on highways or off-roads.

Most important features, built in the TWINWAY are:

  • GPS navigation
  • Radar recognition and camera vision
  • 360 degree Radar detection of other vehicles and objects
  • LiDAR automatic detection of ground topology
  • Voice control over vehicle

All this seems to be TWINWAY is a MPV that could equally easily use in urban areas with large crowds, and also when the family wants to go on a trip into nature.

In autonomous driving mode, passengers can talk face to face, see a movie, play a computer games surf the Internet or simply enjoy the nature that can be seen through the large panoramic glass roof-top.

Innovative design of TWINWAY allows the vehicle to move in both directions (forward and backward). The vehicle has no a classic front and rear part.

This possibility is perfect when the vehicle is in the city crowd or situations where there is insufficient space on the way to turn. It is enough to give electronic command and vehicle automatically moves in the desired direction (forward or reverse).

CITY mode and OFF-ROAD mode

TWINWAY using electronically controlled system of lifting the overall body of the vehicle that can be adapted to urban driving or off-road modes. In the off-road mode, vehicle easily overcomes bumpy roads, sandy beaches and shallow waters (rivers).