Uniblock by Jungu Lee, South Korea

2014: Driven | Undriven.

Jungu Lee was born in Korea and is studying Industrial Design at Hanyang University. He has liked cars since his childhood and if he achieves his goal of becoming a car designer he would like to design a cool car that everyone loves.

‘Uni Block’ connects with other cars and is available for multi-use in the undriven state at the same time. Uni Block can connect to a maximum of three cars.

In the one car mode, it is beneficial to only drive a short distance or down a narrow alley. In addition, its small frame allows for easy parking.

When driving two or three Uni Blocks, it is easier to drive long distances and on wide roads where there are more people.

Using renewable components, the car body is blended and reproduced to make continuous circulation with the environment. When Uni Block connects with each other, the wheels that are not used enter in its cover to increase energy efficiency. Also, the battery extends its using time as it connects in a row.