2015: APA Designers Panel

Hosted at the Detroit Athletic Club in May of 2014, this panel of vehicle designers discusses ‘Passionate’ design. The topic coincides with the 2015 Michelin Challenge Design theme – Drive Your Passion.

Panelists include: Tom Peters, General Motors; Francois Farion, Nissan Design America; Jason CastriotaJason Castriota Design; and Ben Ebel, Michelin Challenge Design. Moderated by Michael Robinet, IHS Automotive Consulting.

Click below to play the entire discussion:

>> | Drive Your Passion: Engaging Senses, Soul and Emotion.

Click on the chapters below to play each video segment:

>> | Opening Remarks: Thom Roach

01 | What Defines Passion?

02 | Appliance Vehicles vs. Passion Vehicles

03 | Designing for Diffrent Personas

04 | The Passion Equation.

05 | Vehicle Differentiation.

06 | Heritage in Design.

07 | Interiors and Exteriors

08 | Designers Leading the Way

09 | Passionate Sedans and Crossover SUVs.

10 | Differing Design Strategies