2015: Showcase of Selected Entrants

For the 2015 Michelin Challenge Design, participants were asked to design vehicles that elicit pure driving pleasure. The ‘Drive Your Passion‘ framework challenged designers to choose an iconic road, such as Khardung Pass (India), Highway 1 or Rubicon Trail (California), Ruta 40 (Argentina), Stelvio Pass (Italy), or Karakoram Highway (China) – and create a vehicle best suited for and adventure along that path.

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1st Place Winner:
1. Youngjai Jun and Gunyoung Yoon
Entry: Viento
Design Team: Youngjai Jun and Gunyoung Yoon
Country: South Korea

2nd Place Winner:
2. Aurélien Deleuze, Pierre-Hugues Vallin and Robinson Mancaux
Entry: SIC Project
Design Team: Aurélien Deleuze, Pierre-Hugues Vallin and Robinson Mancaux
Country: France

3rd Place Winner:
3. Cristian Polanco
Entry: Bugatti EB Liriom
Design Team: Cristian Polanco
Country: Guatemala

Additional winners of the 2015 Michelin Challenge Design are (in alphabetical order):

4. Mehdi Alamdari & Ali Doostdar
Entry: Palm Valley Buggy
Design Team: Mehdi Alamdari & Ali Doostdar
Country: Australia

5. Nicholas Dunderdale
Entry: Rainmaster
Design Team: Nicholas Dunderdale
Country: United Kingdom

6. Arjun Govil
Entry: TAF TransformAdaptFun
Design Team: Arjun Govil
Country: India

7. Jean Hiss and Robin Apprioual
Entry: UVA
Design Team: Jean Hiss and Robin Apprioual
Country: France

8. Jihwan Jung
Entry: AirDiv
Design Team: Jihwan Jung
Country: South Korea

9. Marko Lukovic
Entry: Hyperion 2030
Design Team: Marko Lukovic
Country: Serbia

10. Marcos Magister and Sebastian Vereertbrugghen
Entry: R40
Design Team: Marcos Magister and Sebastian Vereertbrugghen
Country: Belgium

11. Jean-Thomas Mayer
Entry: GForce Concept
Design Team: Jean-Thomas Mayer
Country: France

12. Hankil Moon
Entry: Twister
Design Team: Hankil Moon
Country: South Korea

13. Siriphong Roongruengvuthikul
Entry: Chances
Design Team: Siriphong Roongruengvuthikul
Country: United Kingdom

14. Petar Vukovic
Entry: Rutsio
Design Team: Petar Vukovic
Country: Serbia

15. Emre Yazici
Entry: ARGO
Design Team: Emre Yazici
Country: Turkey