AirDiv by Jihwan Jung, South Korea

2015: Drive Your Passion.



Jihwan Jung is currently studying at Hanyang University, Korea.


Highway 1 is considered one of the most beautiful and fantastic driving courses. It crosses lips as it is worthwhile to visit before you die by the press. While facing the seemingly endless horizon spread out on the Pacific Ocean, one is welcomed by beautiful sights as one cruises along the winding coastal road along the coastline. It is sad if we have to enjoy 60 miles long road by only our eyes. Since I wonder if we could experience a new extreme sport on the road that we should get there? I have chosen this road. As you are enjoying the new and safe version of driving offered by AirDiv, you would feel the thrill and openness that you’ve never felt in the crowded cities.

AirDiv is for single only which is very light and slim. Especially, as AirDiv is optimized to the Pacific Coast Highway 1 having various courses, a driver can choose 4 drive-modes, 3 types of tires according to diverse situations and the conditions of the road and the figure Unlike the extreme sports that people cannot approach easily such as sky diving, which you can enjoy on the sky and scuba diving which you can feel under the sea, anyone can enjoy speed diving easily and quickly. By the automatic driving system, the driver can feel wonderful scenery of the seaside with every fiber of him or her body.