Bugatti EB Liriom by Cristian Polanco, Guatemala

2015: Drive Your Passion.



Cristian Armando Polanco, 28, was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He graduated with a degree in Industrial design at the Universidad Rafael Landivar.

He likes to design almost everything from product design to transportation design. He is always impassioned in every project that he develops. He gets very inspired by old school design style but always thinks about how it is going to be in the near future. Trying to be better every day, he has won some local awards from artistic, illustration, and industrial design competitions. He always challenges himself to be one of the top designers from Guatemala.

He is currently working as a creative in one of the most important advertising companies in Guatemala working on a number of diverse projects, but he continues to dream to become a car designer.


Stelvio Pass – it’s a perfect road for an exotic sports car. The beautiful surrounding environment creates the perfect atmosphere to drive and have fun while you drive on every single corner.

Inspired by the old classics, autos made just to enjoy the pleasure of driving; this concept car reinvents the way that exotic cars look like.

In order to generate an ecological solution, I was inspired by organic shapes, fluid, elegance and minimal shapes. Simultaneously, the formal and functional aspects are influenced not only by elegance and simplicity of the 30`s car styles but with the “Formula`s 1” cars formal aspects.

To maximize the use of fuel energy, the Liriom body was designed to have great aerodynamics with less air resistance and a lighter weight; less energy is going to be expended.

The Lirium is an electric high performance sports car. Designed to be a perfect excuse to enjoy all the surroundings out of the city. It is a car to drive just for fun. Why? Because people always want to get excited by high speeds and people always want to experiment freedom.