Chances by Siriphong Roongruengvuthikul, United Kingdom

2015: Drive Your Passion.



Siriphong Roongruengvuthikul is an industrial designer from Thailand currently residing in London, UK. Obtained MA Automotive Design from Coventry University and now working with forpeople, a design consultancy based in London.

My passion is to design loveable objects and unique experiences for the masses. I am also interested in blending boundaries between industrial design and automotive design in order to create a new product category.


Why Snowdonia? Snowdonia is one of the very unique places on earth. There is a great plane and endless road that touches the sky. It has the highest peak in the UK. There are beautiful villages and cities. There are mines and cliffs to climb. There are also beaches to relax on. This is the best place to create a unique automotive experience that helps connect travelers with these beautiful places.

Do you have any plans for the 2030 holidays? If you are seeking an adventure experience of a life time, we recommend visiting Snowdonia and try out Project Chances!

Project Chances is a unique automotive experience. It combines high speed performance of land speeder and a sense of freedom of a motorcycle together and make it approachable to everyone. In simple words, this humble go-kart will make you think again when saying “quick and nimble”.

“How could I be able to drive such a machine?” Well, that is the very first question we asked ourselves when developing Project Chances. “How can we make Automotive Theatre available and approachable for everyone? How can we make such a great experience not be limited by skills or individual resources?” These questions are the main principles that drive innovation in Project Chances.

Our engineers adopt technology from urban autonomous mobility and take it to the next level. They turned auto pilot into an invisible digital driving instructor. This invisible AI is like an old wise man who know when and what to tell you what to do, how to train you and make you trust yourself, when to be visible and invisible, watching over you and never let an accident happen.

Working closely with the engineers, our designers did not start with form or function. They started with defining experience that people really want. They wanted to make sure that we would not make a roller coaster under a stylized skin. Everyone wanted to drive an experience not just sit in an experience.

The designers have crafted a very honest, refined and primitive design. The vehicle feels as though it is a single body with the driver. How much you lean is how sharp the vehicle turns, that is how the rugby-shape wheels work. The rear wheel is quite different. It splits in half and moves up and down individually. These rear wheels work with the invisible AI to help the driver maintain balance of the vehicle and prevent oversteering and understeering.

We believe how technology presents itself to us is the key to Project Chances experiences. We implant many controls and displays cleverly all over the vehicle. We aim to make the user interface intuitive and the information is displayed with the right emotion at the right time. That’s why we create the “Emotional Feedback” system. We did it this way because we remember that those who taught us to drive did not just feed us with information but they do smile and provide emotional feedback. This kind of feedback makes us feel special and emotionally connected.

At the end of the day, we did not want to create just a vehicle. We wanted to create an experience, an extraordinary one, because, with right experiences and chances, an ordinary man or woman can become extraordinary. Would you love to take the Chances?