GForce Concept by Jean-Thomas Mayer, France

2015: Drive Your Passion.


Born in 1994 in a little French town, Jean-Thomas Mayer is an automotive and motorcycle fan.
Following his father on a lot of European racetracks, the passion for cars, motorcycles, and motorsport become bigger.

This passion, his curiosity, the passion and the interest of creation and everything related to the ‘creative world’ pushed him to enter into the ISD (International School of Design) at Valenciennes, in France, at 16 years old.

Now, 19 years old, he will start his 4th year of study in the design world, after a six month internship at BMW Motorrad Design, and this is only a start!


I choose to create a vehicle to ride on the Stelvio Pass or any other mountain road, like Mont Ventoux, Mulholland Road etc.

I decided to focus on mountain roads because they are the most accessible way for people to enjoy a ride.
Going off-road is not something really simple, this requires preparation, experience, a lot of equipment and more complex vehicles.

Mountain roads are really close to cities, everyone drives on roads every day, so everybody has the possibility to enjoy a road-trip on the most beautiful roads of the world.

We also have more facilities to find my target: the petrolheads on these types of roads. They have a true passion for cars and motorcycles, trying to find the best spot to ride their vehicles.

On mountain roads we could easily observe two types of vehicles: light sport cars and motorcycles. Everyone finds his way to enjoy the road. On mountain roads, they look for the same thing: turns and sinuous roads, this is what brings sensations to them. Why? Because tight turns generate G-Force.

That’s why I decided to focus my concept on this point: G-Force, by designing a hybrid vehicle between a car and a motorcycle. I kept 4 wheels, to keep an access to everyone, and not people with a specific license.

The bucket seats will rotate on the frame to resist the G-Force, like a motorcycle taking angles during corners to challenge physics. Just like in karting, moving the weight a little bit on the exterior wheels give them more grip.

I also imagine a rotary hub system on the wheels, for the possibility to put angles on them like on a motorcycle. At the end, you choose to keep your wheel flat, or try something new with wheels taking angle, so everyone will find the feeling they prefer.

So the emotional goal of this vehicle is clearly identified: to play with g-force, engaging completely the driver body and his senses into a new experience like motorcycle riders, playing with their weight, their balance and their adrenaline.