Hyperion 2030 by Marko Lukovic, Serbia

2015: Drive Your Passion.



Marko Lukovic – Marko Design, (MA of industrial design and professor) and his team of specialists and experts have been successfully engaged in various fields of design such as: Industrial & Transportation design, Graphic & Packaging design, 3D modeling & Visualization, Rapid & CNC tooling. Lukovic has over 12 years of experience and work for the top industry.

Award-winning at home and abroad, the most famous Serbian industrial designer of the younger generation, Marko Lukovic (born 1977). Since 2001, he is also a professor at the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. (State University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia).

He was the winner of the International “Peugeot Design Contest 2001″ among 2000 offers from all over the World. Concept car Peugeot Moonster was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2001 as a Prototype.

He was one of the winners of the 2011 Michelin Challenge Design, “Plus 10! The Best is Yet to Come,”- among 1000 offers from all over the World, design for concept car Supersonic was presented at the North American International Auto Show 2011, at the exhibition at Michelin USA stand in Detroit.

He was also one of the winners of the Michelin Challenge Design 2014 – “Driven/Undriven” with project Twin-Way, and one the winners of Michelin Challenge design 2015 – “Drive your Passion” with project Hyperion 2030

In 2002, at the invitation of the Italian government, he was a visiting lecturer at the University of Bologna, and cooperation with Paolo Stanzani (constructor of Lamborghini “Miura”, “Urak,” Countouch “…), the project and modular sports cars, Bologna, Italy.

He has attended or participated in over 80 international and domestic exhibitions, professional conferences, seminars and jury memberships. He has 20 international and domestic awards for design for various products and cars.

Reference clients and projects: Realized Concept car Peugeot Moonster 2020 (France), Fiat Automobiles Serbia-Zastava – interior design, Iveco-Zastava Truck – truck design, Hybrid Flying motorbike MoonRider, X-ray medical device (Visaris) Plasmion medical machine (PlasmaTech Greece / Denmark), MFT electronic meter (Suma Electronics), PlasmaJet installation and PlasmaGun (Mackatica), GPS device (Geneko), kitchen faucet (Armal Slovenia), bottles of Bistra (Gamico), chairs SwingChair, ConForma, Leaf-solar street lamp ((PlasmaTech Greece / Denmark)

Marko Lukovic has been a speaker and lecturer at over 30 international and national design conferences and as a member of professional juries (Barcelona-Spain, Delft-Netherlands, Bologna-Italy, Paris-France, Bucharest-Romania, Sofia-Bulgaria, Ljubljana-Slovenia, Zagreb-Croatia, Belgrade-Serbia).

He has been in over 80 international and domestic exhibitions (Paris-France, Berlin-Germany, Warsaw-Poland, Geneva-Switzerland, Frankfurt-Germany, Monza-Italy, Sofia-Bulgaria, Los Angeles-USA, Belgrade-Serbia).
Publications: over 200 magazine, newspaper and book articles,

  • Book “Serbian Who is Who?”
  • Encyclopedia “Concept car design, driving the dream” London, 2003,
  • Encyclopedia “1000 “Concept cars”, Koln, Germany 2008
  • Textbook for the Arts, 5th grade elementary school, Belgrade, 2008.

TV: over 20 hours of TV material, National Serbian TV – RTS, satellite broadcasts, English BBC, Fox TV, German RTL, French TVM6.


The Stelvio Pass is one of the most exciting and Iconic roads when speaking about pure driving experience and joy. The most famous world’s serpentine is ideal to drive almost without any boundaries.

Stelvio Pass road is “born to be wild”. Adrenalin is immediately on the top level of the driver’s body. All senses of the driver are focused only at one thing – to reach maximum reasonable speed and engage all possible horse-power from the “pet-car”.

Stelvio Pass (Italian: Passo dello Stelvio) is about 75 km (47 mi) long road. This road offers a unique opportunity to travel through amazing landscapes of Northern Italy and Switzerland. Numerous curves on the road with a combination of straight parts of the road leads the driver to the amazing views of the highest mountains in Europe – the Alps.

Fresh air, wind in the hair, beautiful mountain meadows and peaks, snow on the top of the Alps, makes that Stelvio Pass the “greatest driving road in the world”, where all driving fantasies could be satisfied.

For the essential enjoyment into pure driving experience, a driver needs to engage all forces and skills of himself. Hyperion is a small sports car for the year 2030, offering a wide range of raw electric power and pure pleasure.

Four powerful eclectic motors are placed into the wheels. The main innovations are the advanced electro-kinetic sensors and capsules placed into the tires. This sensor store energy into four wheel.

Advanced electro-kinetic capsules (batteries) are cased into each wheel structure. This represents renewable energy source for the car itself.

Unlike other small roadsters, Hyperion is capable to accept three passengers. The driver and two passengers sit into a triangular arrangement in the cabin.

Hyperion is a small roadster that can be transformed easily into a convertible (cabriolet) mode. Driving in a warm day or a windy-rainy day is efficiently resolved by Targa removable photosensitive glass panels.

Aerodynamics of the Hyperion is superb because of its “wing shaped body”. Air-flow goes on the natural way and it is on the most efficient level. Rear and side air diffusers direct the air in the most efficient manner.

Construction of the Hyperion is made of ultra-light materials like aluminum. The main body is made from carbon-fibers. Big glass surfaces (panels) are made of photosensitive cells that reduce the level of light in the cabin.

By Greek mythology, HYPERION was the Titan god of light.