Palm Valley Buggy by Mehdi Alamdari, Australia

2015: Drive Your Passion.



Mehdi Alamdari was born in Iran in 1977 and studied medicine and graduated in 2003. He immigrated to Australia in 2007 and since has been practicing medicine.

He has been an automotive enthusiast from childhood and has followed that passion and done some 3D design and sketching as a hobby. When he found out about Michelin Challenge Design, he sort of felt that his concept is a good fit for the challenge theme and sent if off and was very pleased to be selected as a finalist.


The outback of Australia has lots of unpaved and uncharted areas which have been accessible by Australian Aboriginals in their traditional Walkabouts. This vehicle is designed to make it possible to access most of those places. The design has been inspired by an Australian Lizard.

The design is effectively a modern buggy with a flexible body which provides much of the suspension. It is driven via electric motors located in the wheels and the batteries which are blended to the body.

The seats are hung from the body and can be brought up or down and also tilt depending on the road and the G force on the bends. Wheels are attached to the body via an arm which can extend, flex and tilt, so it gives lots of possibilities to the vehicle. It can revolve around itself and it can effectively assume a posture like a Lizard on uneven roads with one wheel located up and another down.