R40 by Marcos Magister and Sebastian Vereertbrugghen, Belgium

2015: Drive Your Passion.


Marcos Magister
Sebastian Vereertbrugghen


Marko Magister, 26, is an Industrial Designer and multidisciplinary visual artist born in Bariloche, Argentina. He studied Industrial Design at the University of Buenos Aires and transportation design with the car designer Hernan Haralambopoulos.

Living in Patagonia, he grew up in constant contact with the nature and practicing all kinds of outdoor sports. He like cars and other machines since his childhood and has spent much time drawing and experimenting with other visual arts.

His design style is organic and clean, paying special attention to the aesthetic aspect.

He is currently based in Europe working with his audiovisual production company BigAirPhoto and as a freelance designer. He recently started a new project with some friends called BigAir Factory with the purpose of combining their passions and their lifestyle.

Sebastián Vereertbrugghen is a 25 years old industrial designer and visual artist who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires.

He was born in Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina, and since childhood he was in constant contact with nature, practicing outdoor sports such as mountain biking, windsurfing or fly fishing that played a key role to develop his “eco-sportive” approach to design.

He is currently based in Belgium co-founding a multidisciplinary design studio called BigAir Factory.


We have chosen the “Route 40” in Patagonia as our iconic road because this is the place where we were born and raised. We love the landscapes, the adventurous culture around this road and we are always planning the next trip back to Patagonia, which will add to the many we already did in the past.

Patagonia is one of the last wild and untouched regions of the planet. Recently scenario of the famous Dakar rally races, we envision that in 15 years it will become one of the most important destinations for car fans looking for adventure and a passionate driving experience.

The route 40 which crosses the whole region of Patagonia from north to south is nowadays almost entirely paved. On its sides there is a large network of roads with different soil types with a mix of gravel and mud, providing the ideal playground for the joy of adventure car riders.

We have mixed two basic riding concepts: on one hand the pleasure of driving an old Formula One car on the main asphalt route and on the other hand providing the means for a mind blowing 4X4 experience for the off-road sections. The latter is achieved through a mechanism that uses a wrench to activate the transformation of the wheels. Back to the origins, back to the mud and dust!