Rutsio by Petar Vukovic, Serbia

2015: Drive Your Passion.



Petar Vukovic was born in the city of Uzice, Serbia. He completed base and high school in Uzice and completed a masters’ in industrial design from the Faculty for applied arts in Belgrade.

As for experience in design, he has worked for Ventes (// He was involved in helping the company reach a visually distinctive identity as well as help construct and build various mechanical structural parts and casings.

Besides this, he was hired for a large number of demanding but fulfilling jobs ranging from commercial graphical design, commercial 3D animation and 3D printing for a variation clients. He has taken part in many concept explorations; not just in design, but in art as well, which was refreshing and above all an enriching experience.

Inspiration and creative process-personal view:

He thinks that for the process of creation a very important part is inspiration as well as hard work. Most often that process is not named, we call it something. Where is the fine border line between imagination and reality?

When inspiration is being translated into reality, it materializes according to resources we possess, but that doesn’t have to be a limiting factor.

On the contrary, that situation provides opportunity for experiment, a more complete sighting of process around you; more true image of the object of exploration itself, the path of its forming thus in the end man better sees himself. My interest (occupation) in creative process and its result is not limited to product design. He tries to experiment and ask a question: why would something have to be like this and cannot be like that? Why not try something different? His only aim is to see more and learn more, to enjoy it because he loves to do it.


Stelvio Pass: Type of road where you can feel the subtlety of the vehicle; where man can be devoid of things that are annoying him. Directing energy into driving constructively makes man clear his thoughts and focus on good and important things in life.

The car’s name is Rutsio and the main feature is its ability to rotate each wheel vertical and horizontal. Specific construction of the tyre enables fine control of the desired amount of traction each tyre has to the ground. That makes it possible to do not just relative to the axles but relative to the wheels on the axle. The rotation of axles is done in the same degree in the front and in the back and the center of the rotation is located on the chassis. All this makes for a fun and learning experience since everything is easily modulated and there are many settings to try.

Propulsion is done by four electric motors with external rotors mounted in the wheel, which allows for fine torque vectoring and fast responses.

All processes monitors the computer, it will let man take more control of the vehicle but takes control in dangerous situations. All functions except the ones that are located on the steering wheel are selectable thru touch screen of generous dimensions on the cockpit. Batteries are located in the floor for optimum weight distribution and lower center of gravity which improves stability.