UVA by Jean Hiss and Robin Apprioual, France

2015: Drive Your Passion.


Jean Hiss
Robin Apprioual


Jean Hiss & Robin Apprioual are currently third year students in Product Design at the ENSAAMA School in Paris.


Tsingtao Bridge – We chose this road because it’s a unique place and it offers a very poetic atmosphere, with condensation clouds, lightness and a flat horizon. We want our vehicle to be in communion with this paradise environment.

UVA is a vehicle for living a sensorial experience as driver and as a passenger. The Driver feels like a plane pilot and the passengers feel lightness.

The environment is unique, like driving on clouds with nothing but the horizon. It’s like your are flying. We gave our vehicle large transparent surfaces in order to become overwhelmed by the atmosphere.

The travel starts in urban areas where the environment is oppressive. Then you engage your travel on the bridge for the sensorial experience and you finish in the nature reserve. We use a pattern on glasses like a moucharaby, for a better relation inside/outside the vehicle.

The cockpit can levitate with a magnetic system for a better light feeling on the bridge. All of the interior is treated to increase the levitation feeling.