2016: APA Designers Panel

Hosted at the Detroit Athletic Club in April of 2015, this panel of vehicle designers discusses ‘Mobility For All’. The topic coincides with the 2016 Michelin Challenge Design theme – Mobility For All – Designing for the Next Frontier.

Panelists include: Alexander Klatt, College for Creative Studies; Jason Wilbur, Advanced Design Studio – Honda R&D; and Ben Ebel, Michelin Challenge Design. Moderated by Jason Stein, Editor & Publisher, Automotive News.

Click below to play the entire discussion:

>> | Mobility For All. Designing for the Next Frontier.

Click on the chapters below to play each video segment:

>> | Opening Remarks: Scott Pajtas

01 | Access to Mobility

02 | Think Different: Advancing the Design Horizon

03 | Mobility for All. Global Development Issues.

04 | Key Mobility Concepts: Systems & Simulations

05 | Designing New Solutions

06 | Looking Up: Expanding the Design Envelope

07 | Designing Solutions for Emerging Markets

08 | Rethinking Ownership and Usage Modes

09 | Where Do ‘New’ Ideas Come From?

10 | Culture, Experience & Varied Approaches to Design

11 | Message vs. Market: Designs that Miss the Mark

Q&A 1 | Design Responsibility

Q&A 2 | Gestalt: Styling, Design & Core Function

Q&A 3 | Creating Mobility Solutions for Population Dense Areas

Q&A 4 | Design Partnering for Specific Markets

Q&A 5 | Near Term Impact of Self-Driving Vehicles