Arriero by Edgar Sarmiento García, Colombia

2016: Mobility For All.



Edgar Andres Sarmiento Garcia
Bogota, Colombia


Colombo-Italian, Industrial Designer of the National University of Colombia (2009-2014), student of Transportation Design Master of IAAD, Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design (2015-2017).

Garcia has worked as a conceptual designer and has won international and national awards prizes including:

  • First place PAD 2014 Javeriana University, Bogotá (Innovation in Design)
  • First Place Premios Diseño y Punto 2014 University ICESI, Cali (3d and render)
  • 1st place Best Thesis, Industrial design. National University, 2015, Colombia
  • Design and Design International Award winner (Product design) 2015
  • 2nd place Haceb Proyecta 2013, Colombia (Colombian Identity)
  • Third Place Prize Mario Hernandez 2012, Colombia (Fashion)
  • Four design awards in Urban Mobility Challenge: Berlin 2030 Local Motors (Transportation Design)
  • 2nd place Michelin Design Challenge, Mobility for all, 2016 (Transportation Design)


Arriero is an electric personal vehicle with 4 wheels (solar-feed) that helps villagers to transport agro-products in the Andes zone of Colombia.

Agriculture has been the key for many years in Colombia’s development. Currently, the agricultural sector is driven by the micro-production, also called ‘family agriculture’. Due to the different climatic zones of the region located in the Andes, different parcels or micro sites are organized with a strong tendency to mono-crops, as is in the case of coffee. Coffee is produced in rural areas and transported to the small towns called ‘pueblos’, ‘corregimientos’ or other processing centers. There are marketed.

Coffee is grown in areas between 1200-1800 meters (above sea level), places full of landforms that hinder transportation dynamics – besides not having a system suitable to local conditions or systems that help in these circumstances. Therefore, Arrieros has emerged and is responsible for promoting rural transport in the region. The Arrieros pass through ‘trochas’ and roads with mules and horses that carry ‘costales’, themselves are ‘herding’ and directing the animals, but these are not the most efficient. All this makes necessary a transport solution for these micro-nuclear and agricultural production.

Colombia is not a country with a strong industry. Arriero is designed for flexible local production and marketing. In the design is reflected on the cold rolled tubular aesthetics, ‘naked’ and functional. It can be customized according to the financial capacity or the user needs, you can also arm/disarm to easily change parts and for easy maintenance. The heights and distances are adjustable and the measures between parts are similar.