Huracan City Rover by Marin Myftiu and Team, Albania

2016: Mobility For All.



Marin Myftiu
Hussain Almossawi
Huracan Motors
Albania, Bahrain and Italy


Marin Myftiu is an Architect and Product Designer. His recent work focuses mainly on the Automotive Industry, dealing new opportunities created by electric vehicles but also studying new approaches towards everyday technology and practical design.

Hussain Almossawi is a passionate Product Designer. He has worked with companies such as Nike Inc., Adidas, Ogilvy & Mather, and EA Sports (FIFA). He holds a Masters in Industrial Design, with a focus on Innovation and Biomimicry.

Franco Moro – with a career of more than 25 years between working for Aprilia’s top riders and several personal successes with Moro Racing, Franco Moro is a highly talented mechanical engineer with extensive experience that includes e-bikes and electric motors. He is also Chief ME at Huracan Power (

The team has recently cooperated in many successful initiatives and projects, the best known of which is the nCycle e-bike project (


There is one category of underserved areas that extends beyond Southeast Asia, Central America and Central Africa, to the fragile Northern Europe, heavy metropolitan traffic of the US or busy historical and cultural centers in Europe; THE CITY. And as our dwelling densities and living standards increase, we are increasingly underserved by using vehicles designed with in mind the same lifestyle of 100 years ago.

The Huracan Mini Rover innovatively rethinks the micro-car, starting with a footprint smaller than a Smart Fortwo which has room for three occupants. A fresh, roomy design and top speed on 30-50 Km/h, makes the MiniRover an urban-only electric with enough power and range to serve daily commutes, taxi, delivery or airport duties, even in areas of restricted traffic, thanks to its dimensions, interior layout and the Huracan electric power train.

Built around simple structures and affordable materials, the Mini Rover can be configured with three or four wheels but we didn’t stop here; the clever interior design will also make it a first choice for another underserved category, disabled people. With a door to match the required standards and two wheelchair setups, as either driver or passenger it will offer unprecedented flexibility and freedom.