LOGon by Agri Bisono and Alief Samboro, Indonesia

2016: Mobility For All.



M.Y. Alief Samboro
Agri Bisono
Malang, Indonesia


Agri Bisono (Agri) & MY Alief Samboro (Yoma) were born in a same year, 1991. They were classmates when they studied Industrial Product Design at Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Yoma is a crazy collector of Hot Wheels, there is no empty space in his room except Hot Wheels. Now, he is studying for a Masters degree in Industrial Product Design at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

Meanwhile, Agri loves sketching & designing cars. He is active in a car styling forum named Indonesian Transportation Design Group (ITDG). Now he takes a styling course at the Car Design Academy in Japan.


We have chosen the mud farm field as our iconic road. LOGon connects farm people in mud and other unpaved roads, from their house to grounds and places where they work out in the fields. As same as they ride a horse which can carry out their tools and harvest inside the luggage, LOGon has the same function but with machine

The main objective is to ride a tame iron horse, by a steel-framed-tree to explore wild natural area and understand them better.

The design inspiration is coming from a simple half-cut-laminated log combining with bridge structure steel frame. It brings back the industrial style to automotive design world with it vintage-modern-traditional styling.

The main idea is a friendly and simple transportation, ride on the top of a log, to ride a piece of tree. It is designed by combining two different materials, the nature wood mixed with industrial steel frame, to achieve the sensation of riding a piece of nature while exploring the nature road and to become the nature itself

Wheels structure contains of tubeless-off road-tires covered by steel rims and a piece of wooden plate