Panda by Nicholas Dunderdale, England

2016: Mobility For All.



Nicholas Lee Dunderdale
England, United Kingdom


Nicholas Lee Dunderdale is a British designer that graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2014. He was awarded the BMW Young Designer of the year award in 2014. He has had intern experience in England, Italy and Japan and is currently looking for future opportunities. The Panda design was created during his studies at Royal College of Art. INSTAGRAM : TUMBLR : //


Completed as my Royal College of Art minor project. The concept behind my PandA (Practical and Affordable) concept is to engineer a simple platform/chassis that is primitively functional in its basic essence. This base can then be modified, adapted and upgraded to provide a wide range of needs and demands for various demographics across the globe, from Southeast Asia to Central America and Africa.

This multifunctional device allows the product to grow with the user over time whether to meet demands of family, work or personal pleasure. The body can be covered with light weight sheets to provide a cheap solution to watertight the vehicle or at the other end of the scale be covered in high capacity solar panels to charge the battery. The in wheel motors allow for an electric drive train. The battery units can be removed to be powered elsewhere and also provide a source of energy around the home. The vehicle can also be adapted to fit petrol, diesel and bio-fuel engines. The tire of the wheel is comprised of a long thin tube wrapped around like a rope. At the end is a winch hook that clips into the center of the rim.