Audi R28 by Mehdi Alamdari and Vahid Shahvirdi, Australia

2017: Le Mans 2030: Design for the Win.


Mehdi Alamdari & Vahid Shahvirdi
Victoria, Australia

Mehdi Alamdari, 40, is an amateur designer and automotive enthusiast and has participated in Michelin challenge design four times and has been a finalist twice. He was born in Iran and immigrated to Australia 10 years ago.

Mr Vahid Shahvirid, the other team member, is 33 years old, from Iran, and currently lives in Iran. He is a professional photographer and a graphic designer and 3D Modeller. We worked on the Michelin Challenge Design contest once before in 2016 as well. For the 2017 Michelin Challenge Design, they both worked on the contest theme from the conception of the idea to the modeling and rendering phase.

Audi R28 is the concept for the future Le Mans car, which takes the aerodynamics of racing to another level. It is more of an airplane on the road. It uses Fuel cell technology which feeds the electric motors in the rear wheels. It has canards and can tilt on the road bends via using mechanicals on the wheels and also the canards. The whole design and body also produce downforce. Canards help tilting and steering. For braking the car uses electric motors in the wheels plus and canards.