Bentley 9 by Daniel Bacelar Pereira, Portugal

2017: Le Mans 2030: Design for the Win.


Daniel Bacelar Pereira
Vila Real, Portugal

Raised in a small village in the north of Portugal, Pereira developed an early ability for drawing and creativity. Later, also a passion for literature and music emerged. Curiously, the passion for car design came relatively late, around 15 years old. However, since then, he has been ‘drinking’ all the information about the world of automotive design. He believes that the car is one of the most democratic pieces of design.

The will of being part of that world led him to study Design at the University of Beira Interior. He graduated in 2012 in Industrial Design and a Masters’ degree in Multimedia Design in 2014. He is currently an intern in a small graphic store in his hometown.

For this contest I came up with a solution to turn a fully electric Le Mans 24 Hour race possible. The Michelin BatterySlick is a race tire that bears inside a set of batteries. The Bentley 9 is a concept car that blends classic with high tech. It is the perfect showcase to present the Michelin BatterySlick to the racing world.