Bentley Speed X by Guilherme Rocha, Luiz Orgeta and Marcelo Toledo, Brazil

2017: Le Mans 2030: Design for the Win.


Guilherme Kataoka, Luiz Ortega & Marcelo Toledo
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Guilherme Kataoka – Shape Designer
Marcelo Toledo – 3D Digital Modeler
Luiz Ortega – 3D Digital Modeler

Bentley Speed X (10) is a pure race LMP1 concept for 2030, designed to keep the brand’s Tradition in Le Mans 24 Hour racing. As a Bentley should be, it is classy and elegant in one hand, but very aggressive on the other. A sophisticated machine with huge power. The royalty of racecars.

Its technology focused on consumption and weight reduction, turns the prototype into a discrete shape, combining an extreme proportion with clean surfaces.

Wheels 100% made with a nanocomposite rubber, allows then to be lighter. Also, the exactly amount of flexibility on its material structure results in a much better grip when compared to traditional tires. To reduce material consumption, these wheels can detach only its external layer to replacement, so it does not waste all the tire material after it have been used.

There is a special platform built on pit lane, made for an automatic wheels replacement. Therefore, cars don´t even need to stop in every pit. In addition, team drones can recharge batteries and make usual repairs on car while they are running.

Each wheel also carries inside then a small electric engine, and an in wheel suspension.
Interior cockpit is quite simple by the way. Only pedals and steering wheel, with no buttons, no displays and no windows. Driver sees through a mixed reality technology installed on his helmet. This technology can scan the entire track, and mix with a virtual transparent cockpit and HUD for main race information.

With total electric energy source, Bentley Speed X is a step forward to 100% clean energy, and sustainable motorsports. Although it does not lose in any aspect all the Le Mans tradition. Competition, emotion and all drivers and team efforts remains the same.