Cierzo C1 by Kurt Scanlan, Canada

2017: Le Mans 2030: Design for the Win.


Kurt Scanlan
Toronto, Canada
Humber College

Kurt Scanlan was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He attended the University of Guelph for psychology, where he covered many a lecture hall desk with car drawings. At 25, he eventually realized that he would have been happier handing in those drawings than essays, and with that in mind he went back to school, this time at Humber College in Toronto. He has just finished his bachelor of industrial design, with a specialization in vehicle design. He is currently working as an industrial designer in Toronto. He still gets excited every day by the problem solving nature of his work, and is thrilled to have the opportunity to interact with people through the things he creates.


Turn Using The Wind
Large vertical ailerons use oncoming air to push the front of the car left or right, allowing it to “fly” around corners. This allows increased cornering speeds, less energy wasted through breaking, and less tire wear. Because the turning force is generated from the air moving around the car, thinner profile tires can be used, and less down-force is needed on the front end of the car.

The result: lower lap times and fewer pit stops.

Electroactive Polymers
The front struts and hubs are made of a type of plastic that changes shape when an electric current is run through it. As the components change shape they direct the wheels and the steering ailerons. This eliminates moving parts for increased durability over a grueling 24 hour race.

External Telemetry
A ring of LEDs communicate driving inputs. Intense inputs will lead to more intense light: red for breaking and blue for acceleration. This adds another level of interaction with spectators, both at the track and watching on TV.

Imagine being able to easily see which drivers are pushing the pace, and which are conserving fuel or tires! Imagine being able to see who flinches and breaks first as two cars are neck and neck heading into a chicane!

The Cierza C1 is designed to win races, while revolutionizing the race experience for drivers, pit crews, and spectators.