Citroen C030 LMP1 by David Voltner, Czech Republic

2017: Le Mans 2030: Design for the Win.


David Voltner
Zlin, Czech Republic
The Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava

David Voltner is a transportation student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, currently in the third year.

My topic for Le Mans 2030 is FORWARDING INFORMATIONS TO SPECTATOR, because the number of motorsport fans decreases rapidly every year. I believe that it is caused by the complexity of this sport. Average fans simply don’t know why certain things are happening on the race track and they often feel confused, which results into the lost interest.

I am convinced that organizers, in order to rescue this beautiful sport will have to make regulation changes and make it much more transparent and catchy for all the fans to retain or broaden the fan base.

There are three pivotal innovations in my concept which I believe would make racing much more understandable and reduce the steep learning curve which motorsport fans must get over initially.

Specially designed rear which works like parachute – when the driver hits the brake pedal it opens and increases the aerodynamic drag rapidly. As a consequence, the deceleration will become breathtaking.

Tires are one of the most significant variables in performance. Any driver can lose up to 10 seconds during a single lap. However, it is very hard to read the tire conditions for the fans because they might not understand that the driver is having some difficulties or that there is something wrong with the tires. Therefore I have developed special tires with four layers and each of the layers is created in a different color. This in turn indicates the exact level of tire wear during the race.

Wheel rim with revolving flaps which could work like an aerodynamic brake and a cooling system at the same time for the electric wheel hub when the need arises.