ConverT by Minwoo Jeon and Donghun Nam, South Korea

2017: Le Mans 2030: Design for the Win.


Minwoo Jeon & Donghun Nam
Seoul, South Korea

Minwoo Joen (24)

  • Korea National University of Arts/ transportation design major
  • Auto design awards(3rd)
  • KIA Industry – University Collaboration (2015/2016)

Donghoon Nam (22)

  • Korea National University of Arts/ transportation design major

“Will Le mans of the future be same as the one from today”

Due to the strong influence of autonomous driving, this technology will reach the entire world in the future and the numbers of drivers who choose to actually drive will become a lot fewer. Therefore in order to attract mass amount of public interest, Le Mans will become a much more exciting race with real drivers to perform actual driving which will fullfill the hearts of motorsports fans living in a society of autonomous vehicles.

To fulfill public’s growing interest, the organizers of Le mans will take drastic measures and undergo full renovation on the entire city of ‘Le mans’, and will add 4 new extended circuits.(cave/ desert/ jungle/ blizzard) along with the original circuit to its ultimate race. With different environments, this allows the ultimate test of endurance and reliability for the vehicles.

Each circuit is approximately 14km long, and the vehicles are required to do 60 laps in order to progress to the next circuit.

After the driver finishes all 4 different types of circuit, he progresses to the final circuit (The original Circuit de la Sarthe) and depending on how many laps the vehicles are able to complete on the last circuit until the remaining time will ultimately bring the results of the entire race.

With the Le Mans race changed dramatically, various car companies around the world soon started to plan their strategy on how their race vehicle will be able to cope with the new conditions in order to win.

‘Audi’ who were seeking for their 20th victory, manufactures the most innovative technology in the entire history of Motorsports called the “Tire magazine”. There are 4 types of highly compressed tire (desert/ jungle/ blizzard/ on road) inside the magazine. Compressed tire is in a sphere shape of around 18cm in diameter. Driver can easily convert tire in midair after going over the ramp at the end of each circuit and making a jump to enter the next circuit. Thanks to this, full service pit stop will no longer be required, allowing large amount of time to be saved and this will lead Audi to victory again.