Faraday Future Singularity by Nicolas Loyola, Italy

2017: Le Mans 2030: Design for the Win.


Nicolas Francisco Loyola
Torino, Italy
IED Torino

I’m a Junior Transportation Designer from Argentina, recently graduated from the IED Torino.

Since I can remember, I’ve always been guided by my curiosity.
This brought me one step further, exploring my creativity over the limits.

I grew up and lived in different countries, and because of that I developed my adaptability.

I maintain an exponential level of learning, fed by passion and innovation. I squeeze the most of my skills because the limits are only those that we impose to ourself.

The design of the Faraday Future Singularity was developed around the concept of “non-stop racing” in order to make it an actual continuous 24-hour race. To accomplish this, innovative solutions throughout the design of the vehicle and out of the box thinking was necessary. The main characteristics are:


  • Wireless Radiowaves powered engines
  • 3D printing system used to regenerate the surface of the wheels
  • Relay of the pilot system
  • Full active aerodynamics controlled by the fractal patterned wings of the car


  • Biomimetic Internal Structure for shock-Absorption
  • Personalized ergonomics with modular seat
  • Completely transparent cockpit for full Visibility
  • Quantum trapping steering wheel, simplifying the interaction. As the brand describes their style of design, the car has the characteristic similar to a UFO which make it looks as if it was from another planet.

These characteristics create a matchless ultra-lightweight machine that will change all the standards of the competition.

The name Singularity makes reference to the astrophysics definition of the concept, being an anomaly that exists within a system, while escaping its rules.