NEO by Miguel Rodrigues, Portugal

2017: Le Mans 2030: Design for the Win.


Miguel Ferreira Rodrigues
Coimbra, Portugal
Universidade de Aveiro

Miguel Rodrigues is a designer born in 1990 in Coimbra, Portugal.

As long as he can remember, he has expressed most of his ideas through a sheet of paper and before enrolling in high school, he already knew that he would want to become an Automotive Designer.

In 2009, he decided to begin a Bachelor’s Degree in Design (product / communication / interaction / strategic thinking) at the University of Aveiro.

In 2013, he started working for WiseMadness where he still currently works. There, he was involved in the development of projects such as Rowtrike, a trike propelled by row movement. During the past years he learned to manage projects while interacting with other areas, auxiliary to the design development at his company, such as mechanical and electrical engineering. He followed projects from the moodboard up to the implementation on the market, figuring out creative solutions across the way.

At the present time, he is working on the ImSim project, a car racing simulator with three axes.

In 2016, his entry for Toyota Logistic Design Competition – Toyota Q was selected as a finalist project.

In 2017, he plans to apply to the MFA program in Transportation Design at Institute of Design of Umea (Sweden).

The main goal of the NEO project is to avoid collisions between vehicles and subsequent spinning off the track, which at times inhibits the returning of the vehicle/pilot to the race.

This proposal aims the driver to finish the race safely while testing his skills to the limit, approaching a new way of playing motorsports for the Le Mans 2030 race.

This is NEO, a design for the win.