Neuraura by Vruttant Phatak, India

2017: Le Mans 2030: Design for the Win.


Vruttant S. Phatak
Maharashtra, India
Coventry University

Learning about cars and how they function was a passion ignited after first hearing the sound of an engine. This curiosity pointed him to read and watch informative programs about cars at an early age. He started sketching vehicles and making LEGO models based on those sketches. This passion and curiosity helped him to ask the question “why” to conventional automotive systems and “why not” to new ideas.

The Master’s Degree from The Coventry School of Art and Design helped him further hone this passion with professional guidance, in Brainstorming, Design Research Methods, sketching and modelling techniques in ALIAS. This was evidenced when one of his designs won THE MICHELIN CHALLENGE DESIGN 2013.

At TATA Motors, India he has had had multiple opportunities to work on Exterior and Interior Production Projects. His capabilities were recognized at a very early stage and he was entrusted with multiple roles wherein he was required to Design and Model Products simultaneously. Having a designer’s perception to every problem, has helped him in designing concepts directly in ALIAS and saving valuable time.

His greatest attribute is that He is a fast learner, always hungry for ways to improve.

Judging his work to be at a significantly higher level, he was also posted in the TATA Motors Design UK studio for Advanced concept work. The immense exposure to Advanced Design has helped him write a completely new page in his level of skills and experience in both Interior & Exterior. His present target is to further expand his knowledge and passion by learning different cultures in Automotive Design outside of India.

It is 2030 and Mercedes AMG with their advanced technology have finally established a stable NEURO Connection between man & machine. The result – NEURAURA – which he can control with his mind just like his limbs. This helps the machine to respond instantly cutting down reflex times.

With the pilot secured in a suspended position fatigue is considerably less. The pilot’s suit constantly monitors his vitals and level of emotion. The more determined the Pilot, the faster he will go.

Panoramic cameras create an augmented reality in the helmet giving the pilot a clean vision. With its’ extremely ground hugging form and active aerodynamics, the Neuraura is even stable at hyper speeds.

Pilot change is also quick and hassle free as the pilot egresses from the top.

Spider silk is the toughest bio material ever studied. Mercedes have found a way to fuse Synthetic Spider silk with Carbon fiber conceiving a radical bio-mech material S.S.C.C. The resulting body shell is 10x stronger and 5x lighter than a carbon fiber shell.

A team of 5000 K.I.M.S precisely knit the one of a kind SSCC body shell and the suit overnight. The tires are also knitted with the addition of a sticky polymer released on each strand for better grip when the tire is in motion. With the exaggerated Camber wheels and the sticky tires, the stability is impeccable. The split wheels also utilize power from the flat Supercapacitors more efficiently depending on the speed & traction requirements, regenerating power using piezo electric generators and Regenerative Braking. The power is given to the smaller wheels for improved acceleration and then transferred outside to the bigger wheels for speed.

This level of sophistication & innovation grounds the Mercedes image even deeper delivering the Best or nothing.