Tesla LMPE by Jeroen Claus and Fabian Brees, Belgium

2017: Le Mans 2030: Design for the Win.


Jeroen Claus & Fabian Brees
Antwerp, Belgium

Jeroen and Fabian work together under the name of FRANK, a start up automotive design agency in Belgium. Additional information and projects can be found on www.designbyfrank.com

Description:Tesla LMPE is a fictional design for a Tesla Le Mans protoype. The concept fits in a scenario for 2030, which describes the road that racing has taken up until then.

By 2030, autonomous EVs have already taken the world by storm, but the introduction of the technology into racing had been a problem child from the start. As people didn’t bother to watch any autonomous racing on tv, it was quickly decided that the introduction of any technology should enhance classic racing rather than change it completely. Racing is about people, team spirit and battling the elements, hence innovations such as Pit Drones and Morphing Tires were banned on the spot.

To accomodate EV technology, on the other hand, the Charging Lane was invented: a Pit Lane-like piece of road where racers can recharge their batteries. The idea is simple: stay out and try to survive as long as possible, or sacrifice track position to drive through the Charging Lane to revive your batteries for extra boost and mileage.

On the Charging Lane the computer takes over and the driver cannot steer. He can however decide the speed with which he travels through the Lane. Drive too slowly and you’ll lose valuable seconds, drive too fast and you’ll cease to fully brim up. The Charging Lane soon proved a step in the right direction for thrilling endurance racing!