ALEDAN by Brian Hernan Isabella, Argentina

2018: Mobility. Utility. Flexibility


Brian Hernan Isabella
Lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Universidad Nacional de Lanusl


Brian Hernan Isabella, born November 23, 1993, is an Argentian industrial designer, technical drawer and car enthusiast.

Isabella was born in Remedios de Escalada, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied in a technical school from Temperley, Buenos Aires. When he finished High School, he decided to attend Lanus National University to study industrial design with a transportation orientation.

He is currently finishing the career and working as a designer in a water purification company in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires.


ALEDAN is a loading vehicle designed for big cities of Argentina and various countries of the Americas. The combination of an electric motor four wheel (in wheel motor) allows it to reduce its size considerably, thus obtaining a compact loading vehicle ideal for large cities.

It also has airless tires. This type of tire has morphology and physical properties of their components that allow unique cushioning, a sophisticated ride and the ability to overcome obstacles such as potholes, baches or humps.

The main feature of ALEDAN is its versatile ability to load and tensile force to move around the capital. ALEDAN has a chassis body frame that protects the driver as well as a strong and broad structure to be able to load in the back.