FoldEx Urban Logistic Pick Up by Jiachen Zhu, China

2018: Mobility. Utility. Flexibility


Jiachen Zhu
Wuhan, China
Coventry University


Jiachen Zhu, 23, was born in Wuhan, China and currently is studying automotive design MA at Coventry University, United Kingdom.


With the growth of e-business, the demand of parcel delivery increases rapidly. Speaking of delivery trucks, the main challenge they face is that it is difficult for them to drive in narrow paths (alleys) in cities.

In many developing countries in Asia, electric motor cycle is the main choice for the way of delivery parcels. Although it has the cost advantage, the low capacity and serious safety issues of it should not be neglected. The design of the pickup “Foldex” aims at solving the problems that current delivery trucks face.

“Foldex” is the compact pickup vehicle mainly designed for the-last-mile delivery. The advantages of “Foldex” which could benefit city short-distance delivery are listed below:

  1. Foldable cargo space. The minimum length of the pickup after folding is only 3500mm. when it is extended, the maximum cargo capacity is similar with commercial van.
  2. Isolated space for small parcels. There is an isolated grid-liked space in the middle of the truck, which could organize the small parcels better.
  3. Scissors doors. While opening the doors at narrow areas or at the side of road, this kind of design could enhance the convenience and efficiency, as well as reduce accident risks.
  4. Windscreen design for ultraviolet avoidance. As shown in the image, the design could effectively reflect the ultraviolet which could help the driver reduce skin damage.
  5. In-wheel electric engine in each wheel. Each wheel can rotate independently, which is inspired from suitcase wheel. When the wheel turning to horizontal position, the vehicle can horizontal parking, which can save a lot parking time and space.
  6. Small turning circle. Independent steering wheels make turning circle smaller, which can turn around in a narrow path.