Gemini by Mo Mingqi-Guilin & Xu Ying-Hengshui, China

2018: Mobility. Utility. Flexibility


Mo Mingqi, Guilin, Guangxi, China
Xu Ying- Hengshui, Hebei Province, China
Wuhan University of Technology


Mingqi Mo, 22, entered Wuhan University of Technology and studied industrial design in 2015. He has been found of drawing since he was a child. After the summer vacation of primary school, he followed his cousin to study professional art knowledge, namely sketch, water powder and others. He used to want to be an artist, learning sculpture and painting. But for a variety of reasons, he became a science student. He has always had an idea of studying art. That is why he chose to study industrial design. After college, he started to come into contact with design. Although it is different from art, he loves it. Michelin Challenge Design is the first car design competition he competed in and the first prize he received. He was very happy to be chosen.

Ying Xu grew up in a small city in the north of China. She showed her passion for painting when she was a child and the Chinese painting was her enlightenment, which had a certain influence on her thoughts. Unfortunately, because of the small city’s low recognition of the art learning, she had to abandon the idea of painting and devote herself to the college entrance examination road that everyone expected. Fortunately, there was a design major she chose at Wuhan University of Technology Industrial Design. She is now 20 years old and fighting on the road of design.


GEMINI is a six-electric vehicle drawn by a combination of the two partial tricycles. GEMIN is able to meet the demand of pickup cargo, and when you want to load more goods, you can synthesize two GEMIN to a GEMINI.

GEMINI (GEMIN) is not just be used for farming or building. She will be used to come true more humane demands.

Our target audience is the young people of 20 to 28. GEMINI has six wheels that imitate the animal’s leg. Therefore, GEMINI (GEMIN) can adapt to multitudinous grounds.

In addition to, the wheels of GEMINI (GEMIN) have further innovations which are illustrated in the fourth picture.

GEMINI (GEMIN) can carry your goods to an aimed destination alone by autonomous driving.
The car hopper of GEMINI (GEMIN) is multi-purpose. It will not just be use for loading cargoes. Even though It can be qualified the job completely and perfectly.

We choose China as the destination market, the only reason is that China has the largest population in the world, and Chinese people’s purchasing power is also in constant rise.

Target audience are young people around the age of 20 to 28. Young people are energetic, smart and have lots of love. Their economic ability is not strong. GEMIN as a fashionable tricycle, it has a very high cost performance, which can be suitable for this kind of spending power of the crowd.

In addition, we also blended in a lot of fashion and sports in the design elements. GEMINI can not only deliver the goods, also can give you a good road trip experience. You can drive it with your mountain bike and tents to have a wild camping, or taking surfboards to the beach surfing.

You and your girlfriend can both have a GEMIN out on a date or get together with a GEMINI.
Their dynamic love to play, social networking, is a bad phenomenon, we hope that through the design of the GEMINI to solve this problem.

We more embodied it in the design of outdoor sports, travel and so on. We have done more things on the packing case design, hoping case can realize more functions besides in addition to transport goods. Layout is a couple lying inside the crate looking at the beautiful sky.