Mini Sandman by Mattia Brunelli & Luigi Marrocu, Italy

2018: Mobility. Utility. Flexibility


Mattia Brunelli
Luigi Marrocu
Rome, Italy
University of La Sapienza di Roma


Mattia Brunelli, 24, is from the south part of Rome, Italy. Brunelli graduated with a degree in Industrial Design at La Sapienza and now is continuing studies at the University for a Masters’ Degree in Product Design. Brunelli’s experience with design went basically everywhere, from exposition design to furniture but has always loved transportation design for the sense of freedom and speed when drawing a car. Brunelli’s style is pretty conservative and classic because when drawing, always consider strongly elegance and smoothness.

Luigi Marrocu, 26, from north of Rome. Marrocu received a bachelor degree in Industrial Design at La Sapienza University of Rome, and his passion for 3d modeling and good design took him to an all year home-based research around organic shapes and the best way to reach them.To him and his teammate, being chosen as one of the honorable mentions in the most prestigious contest in the automotive industry is really precious and rewarding.


The design of the Mini Sandman blends together the features of a pick-up with the class and comfort of a yacht. Land yachting is the activity intended for this car, with trendy and adventurous customers looking for new ways (further than sandboarding and land sailing) for living the desert areas of the world.

The adaptive three-parted wheels can open themselves and imitate the movement of a horned viper for obtaining the maximum amount of grip on dunes; once on the road the wheels will close and compact for normal city usage. This pick up is more a people carrier than a cargo, and excels for who wants to feel the thrill of adventure with style and elegance (even for days since it can transform in a shelter).