Mini Square by Hawon Jang, South Korea

2018: Mobility. Utility. Flexibility


Hawon Jang
Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Hanyang University (ERICA Campus)


Hawon Jang is currently studying Design at Hanyang University in South Korea. Unfortunately, there is no automotive design curriculum in his major, so he is studying on his won mainly by sketching, 3D work and scale mock ups.

I have competed in exhibitions a few times a year either by myself or with a group. He is actively seeking a car design internship next year using his design work. He would like to get a job in the automotive design field after graduation.

Although there are not many stories in his current biography, he hopes that more stories will be filled in beginning with his experience in being a Finalist in Michelin Challenge Design.


Pickup trucks are now often seen in urban areas. But they are too big to be used in complex urban areas. Also, in urban areas, there are many people who live alone or are a sole trader. So, if they need a pick-up truck, they will need a small, modular version with one-seat.

This concept meets these requirements. It is close to segment A, and it is a modular form as a block with only one-seat package.

The structure of the tires and spokes is also designed to be easily handled by the individual.