MSW Pick Up by Thomas Weger, USA

2018: Mobility. Utility. Flexibility


Thomas Weger
Edgerton, Wisconsin, USA
University of Wisconsin – Stout


Thomas Weger is an artist and designer that focuses on exploring problems within systems and pursuing lasting solutions that benefit, rather than impair the human condition. He is currently studying at the University of Wisconsin Stout, set to graduate in May 2018; dual majoring in industrial design and studio art with a concentration in drawing. With a passion to innovate and discover, his source of inspiration comes from analyzing the interconnected framework of past artwork in comparison to today’s approach to design in a constantly changing world.


The MSW Pick-Up is a revolutionary design that addresses the issues regarding Inadequate waste management infrastructure in highly populated urban regions worldwide. While implementing trending technologies, this fully electric and autonomous waste management truck is a safe, and efficient vehicle that relocates and increases the mobility of waste material. To complete this task, the truck is supplemented by: a garbage loading drone, specified refuse containers, and a waste pick-up supervisor all controlled by a network of communication between: truck, drone, refuse container, and supervisor.

This systems’ goal is to relocate to designated locations, the overwhelming amount of waste produced in large cities; in order to alleviate the negative impact this waste has on the overall health of the environment and the inhabitants that live there.

With a broad overview of the MSW Pick-Up truck, other features and benefits of this system include: reduced traffic jams (reduced truck size), reduced noise (all electric), replacement of a dangerous garbage man/woman jobs to garbage pick-up supervisors, and an increased percentage of waste sorted before collection (designated refuse dumpsters).