SAM Self Assembling Module by Mohammed Ismail, India

2018: Mobility. Utility. Flexibility


Mohammed Ismail
Mandya, Karnataka, India
Mantra Academy


Mohammed Ismail (25) was born in India. After completing his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, he decided to pursue his long-lasting passion in the field of design. As he was very interested in how things work and how can he make them better and efficient day by day.

He later received his diploma in Automotive design and research from MANTRA ACADEMY, BANGALORE. where he gained the skill to bring out his ideas from his head to the reality.

Currently he is working as an intern in Ultraviolette Automotive. He wants to gain experience by exploring new opportunities.


As the technology is increasing, it is not only concentrated to the Earth anymore, but also reaching beyond Earth to other planets like for example MARS.

I wanted to rethink the idea of a PICK-UP-TRUCK, by developing it for colonizing MARS, in the year 2050. Which is designed to be MODULAR, FLEXIBLE and UTILITY based.