UFORCE 16 by Yixing Liao & Team, China

2018: Mobility. Utility. Flexibility


Yixing Liao
Wei Wang
Hangbin Xu
Kang Zeng
Daiqi Fan
Jiali Han
Hangzhou, China



The team are members of the Industrial Design Department at CFMOTO. CFMOTO is a Chinese company specializing in power products, mainly engaged in four wheeled vehicles (ATV, UTV), whose products are popular all over the world. They are a team filled with young blood designers responsible for industrial front-end design and development.


With the development of the times, the future’s pickup (UFORCE-16) is no longer a tool of daily necessity property as a vehicle. According to the current development trends of the new energy sources, electricity will be the mainstream energy in the future. At the same time, the infrastructure coverage will rise rapidly and travel will be easy and reliable.

U16 is aimed to those people who would like to have their own exclusive vehicle – those who are full of passion for the outdoors and extreme sports. And it is aiming to some large districts with small population in the developed country.

UFORCE-16 used some unique technologies: Body magnetic levitation (more convenient to turn around); Dynamic steering (autonomous turning with steering operation of the driver), and so on.

Concerning the wheel, the solid tire can incorporate cleats which make the function of skid resistance. Inner structure is according to the traditional principle of ‘paper umbrella’ structure of China as an inspiration, telescopic shafting by electromagnetic force, pushing the hidden cheats out of the tire for maximizing grip performance.

Hollow tire hubs can reduce the weight and increase the reliability, what’s more, it can also prevent the puncture and it doesn’t need the air inflation. The enhanced aluminum alloy inner hub ensures the engineering strength.

We believe that the U16 will be a pickup which used as a synonym for high-level enjoyment of life, leading to an innovation revolution.