X Pick by Vinod Pakalapati & Surya Konijeti, India

2018: Mobility. Utility. Flexibility


Vinod Pakalapati
Surya Konijeti
Pune, India


Vinod Pakalapati is currently working as a Transportation Designer at Advandes Design, India and achieved his Transportation design diploma from DYPDC, India. He is very passionate about cars since childhood which drove him to choose this career. He is a well-rounded individual who lives with passion and dedication towards his goals. He believes that evolution of nature is the best inspiration for the design.

Surya Teja Konijeti
He is a Dreamer, Thinker, and working as an Industrial DesignerÊat Advandes Design, India. His design motto is “essentially experience alters economies”. He believes and tries to apply design in a democratic way irrespective of the field.


By 2025, major cities in India cannot sustain the population density with the limited resources, which results in peak traffic conjunctions, pollution and health hazards.

People will realize the necessity of decentralization and will start exploring towards peaceful life style. As the future offices will be work from anywhere kind due to internet connectivity.

The only thing that stops them from migrating to other areas is access to resources. E-commerce logistics play an important role in migration. X-Pick can help the e-commerce to penetrate deep into the remote areas of India.

North East India which is termed to be a heavenly place of India is often under treated, but those hilly valleys, fresh water islands, tea plantations, rock cut water falls and cloud kissed mountains deserve a unique company to explore them.

This vehicle caters to all those needs an explorer thrives for, yet also helps him in sustaining his life and to earn a livelihood.

This is not just a pickup truck that tender to logistics, It is an effective tool for those who settle in this area, aiming to sustain a peaceful life stating the fact that “no job is less or small”.

The serene design language of X pick will blend into nature and performs its tasks gently without disturbing them. It is Eco-friendly with an electric powered engine.