Breathe by Alberic Chevallier, France

2019: Inspiring Mobility


Alberic Chevallier
Nantes, France
Ecole De Design Nantes


Emotion: Freedom
City: Shanghai

This helicopter will allow its users to avoid traffic jams while improving the air quality in Shanghai thanks to an air filtering system inside the vehicle.

Concerning the feeling of freedom, it’s a flying vehicle which implies this feeling, but also because of the interior.

By reducing the light intensity inside, some key elements are going to become bioluminescents (such as the plants) and will totally change the atmosphere inside the vehicle which is going to make the users feel like if they are in a dream.

This vehicle allows the users to escape for a while during the day.


Alberic Chevallier, 21, is a French national currently in his first year of a master’s degree specializing in connected products at Ecole De Design Nantes. He previously received a bachelor’s degree in Transportation Design.

Chevallier also studied at Coventry University where he has an exchange student (Erasmus).

Since he was a child, he was always passionate by design and more specifically by automotive design. He considers teamwork as a key value of his job, sharing ideas with other people allows, according to him, a better creative process. Being away of the latest trends is also extremely important for him in order to have innovative ideas.