Depot by Tak, Choi, Lee & Lee, South Korea

2019: Inspiring Mobility


Jintae Tak, Minseok Choi, Doohee Lee, Joonyong Lee
Seoul, South Korea
Kookmin University

Project Supervisor Professor:
Inho Song
Vice Dean of Kookmin University College of Design


People’s initiative in society has grown ever since. Future megacities too will turn into a people-oriented community. In a city, citizens will play a bigger role than ever. However, need for individual space outside their homes cannot be met in dreary megacities, therefore people’s interest will eventually be aimed on city space. That is, citizens in the future are in need for ‘freedom of space’; freedom to create and possess an individual space in the moment they need. Meanwhile in future automotive industry, advancement and popularization of autonomous driving technology will change the aspect of some elements of a city, for instance, roads and parking spaces. This leads to one conclusion; a series of reorganization on urban area will take place in near future.

The city Berlin too will someday face time for an urban reorganization. Berliners in 2035 will seek for freedom to possess a space for themselves whenever they need, and our solution is the renovation of urban dead space through mobility. Roads and parking spaces that used to be occupied by conventional cars will gradually become a ‘surplus’ as self- driving algorithm replaces the cities traffics. Scattered ‘dead space’ formed thereby becomes an optimal environment to fulfill people’s needs for individual space. The mobility that we present will allow future Berliners to become active main agents of the city Berlin by reforming city space themselves, fulfilling their desire for ‘freedom of space’.


Jintae Tak was born in Seoul, 1996. He is currently majoring in Automotive & Transportation design at Kookmin University.

Jintae was one of finalists in GM PACE CMS competition and Korea Automotive Design Association’s sketch battle program. And he has experience in corporate sponsored research program by Hyundai-Genesis Motors.

His main interests are exterior design and various ways of visualization.

Minseok Choi is a student in Kookmin University majoring in design.

He took part in projects such as GM PACE in 2017 and was selected as the best design team in the program.

His main interest in design field is on making people’s life better. His attention is keen on various social problems such as gentrification, aging society and automation.

Doohee Lee’s interest in automotive design began with a childhood memory of being a big fan of automobiles. This led him to major in transportation design. As a student of Kookmin University, he took part in a number of design projects including the MCD mainly focusing on research and concept building. However, he recently is fascinated by the art of claywork and how it brings one’s design to life and is interested in automotive clay modeling.

JoonYong Lee is a student in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

His major is automotive & transportation design in Kookmin University. He likes considering a mood among mobility, people and community.

He thinks that each of automobiles has respective stories and he wants to design the stories as an automotive designer.

He researched color and material for shoes with tires and won an award at Handmade Design Contest in SeongSu-Dong.