Renault Fold by Robert Crick, United Kingdom

2019: Inspiring Mobility


Robert Crick
London, United Kingdom
Royal College of Art


My concept focuses on freedom in Berlin 2035.

As the population increases there is less room for individual freedoms. Yet freedom is one of the most important factors in a person’s wellbeing; Freedom to express oneself, freedom to have personal space, freedom to exercise creativity. When these things are taken away people suffer both mentally and physically.

I have aimed to address this issue by designing a vehicle that gives back these freedoms. With the focus on reclaiming personal space.

My concept aims to give users the experience of being in a large spacious chauffeured vehicle but in the package of a tiny electric city car. The overall aesthetic of the vehicle will aim to convey individual freedom through the expression of creative identity.


Robert Crick was led to automotive design after seeing the neofuturistic art of Syd Mead. He then studied Vehicle Design at the Royal College of Art with his primary focus on advanced concepts and futuristic vehicles. After graduating, he travelled extensively before becoming a freelance designer. Currently he is working on several Architectural restoration Projects and automotive visions.